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Amazon / Eng somecsdude
Nov 12, 2018 3 Comments

Is there any infra team in Stripe Seattle office? I’m interested in Stripe and personally more into backend (building scalable infra has been my passion) so it’d be great if some folks from Stripe can share some info! Thanks in advance.


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  • Stripe / Eng Ab4521
    Yes there are infra teams there. Though scalability is seldom something tackled. Transactions aren’t very big from a data perspective. So we don’t deal with scale like google, fb, or amazon does.
    Nov 13, 2018 2
    • Amazon / Eng somecsdude
      Thanks for the reply. I’d thought real time transactions system is challenging (since it requires low latency and accuracy), and given Stripe’s growth it’ll need to scale. Is that not the case?
      Nov 13, 2018
    • Stripe / Eng Ab4521
      You are right that low latency is sometimes an issue. But the teams in Seattle seldom deal with those problems. Consumers are okay with waiting a while for transactions to clear.

      There are 2 areas where that isn’t the case though.

      Some internal systems are semi-synchronous. They require data to make it through the pipeline in a timely fashion. AFAIK, the teams dealing with those systems are not in Seattle at all.

      Terminal has SLAs on transaction time. So they need to have a timely response.

      But for the meantime, scale isn’t going to be the focus of what you work on regarding infrastructure in Seattle.
      Nov 14, 2018