Student found dead inside a polar vortex

Chase / Eng ghosted!
Jan 31 30 Comments


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  • ToKL28
    "Climate change is a hoax" people are directly responsible for his death.
    Jan 31 21
    • Clover Health / Eng doenfh
      There's a nuanced difference between blame and complicity.
      Jan 31
    • New arjuna
      on the bright side, nowadays, no shortage of individuals with perfect knowledge and judgment to provide 'certain' explanation + fault allocation. .. on any number of fashionable topics (climate, diversity, immigration, ...)

      it used to be that an individual could devote years or a lifetime to research/analysis involving complex systems and broad knowledge domain(s) ... here it is all laid out clear as day despite incoherent and illogical construction.

      thanks for sharing a little piece of your brilliance. the key takeaway is that you are superior to those who disagree with your learned views ... and they ('we') are responsible for your problems, for which you bear no responsibility ...

      edit: self-indulgent, incoherent, illogical superiority is a hoax.
      Feb 1
    • Microsoft oroC00
      Pollution caused by volcano eruptions exceed pollution from burning fossils by the order of magnitude. Throughout history extreme volcanic activity caused so called mini ice ages. For example multiple volcano eruptions around the world in 1601-1603 caused extreme cold weather in Europe even in the summer, in Moscow it was recorded as snowing in June during those years. It is no secret that volcanic activity has increased in recent years as well, so stop blaming fossils for these weather anomalies.
      Feb 2
    • ToKL28
      Sure, cause if it's published on internet it must be the only truth. Not to say that volcano will not be canceled. The man made pollution will always be in addition to volcano.
      Feb 2
    • Clover Health / Eng doenfh
      Oh, The New American? Nevermind.
      Feb 2
  • Amazon hot 🍞
    "a momma's boy with a tough exterior"

    Well I mean it wasn't that tough was it?
    Jan 31 2
    • IBM tAhj86h
      holy fuck
      Jan 31
    • Datadog New Relic
      His exterior was tough because he fcking froze
      Jan 31
  • Salesforce


    Amazon, Microsoft
    If Hillary were elected, the boy would still be alive. Mother nature would have been kinder if a climate change faithful was in the office. Remember, no natural calamities during the 8 years of the greatest believer Obama.
    Jan 31 1
    • Microsoft phad
      God bless him
      Jan 31
  • Microsoft
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    Seems like his exterior wasn’t that tough after all
    Jan 31 0
  • Microsoft alic
    Lots of insensitive comments. What's wrong with you guys? Can't have empathy for once?
    Feb 3 0
  • Facebook / Eng jamesons
    Jan 31 0