System design interview problems

Oracle pzd
Apr 10 10 Comments

Just wanted to share a bunch of system design interview problems that I was asked at different companies.

- URL shortener (Bloomberg)
- Search query auto-complete (Google)
- LRU cache (Hulu)
- Slack-like notification system (Coinbase)
- Chat platform (Tumblr)
- Web scraper (Oracle)
- Online voting system (JWPlayer)
- School management system (Paperless Post)
- Distributed job queue (Fastly)


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TOP 10 Comments
  • New arch135
    How about grokking sdi
    Apr 10 1
    • Capital One harasho
      URL shortener is literally the first problem on there lol.
      Apr 10
  • Wayfair thehacker
    What would be the most optimal solution for them?
    Apr 10 2
    • Yahoo / Product VOui62
      These are subjective questions
      Apr 10
    • Oracle pzd
      These are system design problems so there is no "most optimal" solution. All solutions are a combination of trade-offs based on your product requirements.
      Apr 10
  • New numaye
    How many yoe do you have that they are asking such questions?
    Apr 10 1
    • Oracle pzd
      Not sure if that's relevant, (i. e. at those companies, everyone gets a system design round) but I have about 7 years of experience.
      Apr 10
  • EMC / Eng okbye!
    I was asked hangman by LinkedIn
    4d 0
  • PTC bGuR03
    URL shortner - wayfair asked me the same.
    Apr 10 0
  • Yahoo / Product VOui62
    Bookmarked. ThAnks!
    Apr 10 0