Systems/Storage Engineer to SWE @ FAANG. Possible ?

Infosys codebv
Jul 17 7 Comments

Hi All,

I'm working as a systems/storage engineer mostly on commodity enterprise storages of EMC and Linux with YOE 3+.

I now feel like I could try learning algorithms and DS with Python. And once good with these, will try improving practical abilities through LeetCode.

Now, a question that i mind is that, what really matters to FAANG recruiters? Whether one's ability of learning DSA, other factors which FAANG looks for and proving the same in the interview (or) also the previous experiences?

Highly appreciate if you could advise on this, as I'm just trying to learn this world of SWEs and FAANG.


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  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    You're overthinking this bruh. Just eat your leets.
    Jul 17 1
    • Infosys learnerr
      Sure.. :)

      But this question is something eating my brain as I'm not much aware of SWE space... atleast now i get your opinion may be I'm over thinking before start doing..
      Jul 17
  • Google Gigamisu
    Did similar switch couple of years ago.
    Doesn't matter to fangs / recruiters.
    Only downside is you will feel bad about leaving a core technical job to one which involves calling a very high level apis.
    Jul 17 1
    • Infosys learnerr
      Thanks for giving your opinions. Can you be more specific of how you made the transition? It will help me understand more about the path that is ahead.
      Jul 17
  • / Other
    仆街 冚家鏟 Other

    仆街 冚家鏟more
    Anything is possible. Just go for it and leetcode everyday. Since you don't have much SWE experience, you might need to start from the bottom, like grad or sde1.
    Jul 17 1
  • Amazon whoami111
    I’m trying to do the same switch trying to go from de to sde but I’m already working in an sde capacity; just title is de 😩. Problem I’m facing is that I’m having to work 70+ hours and it is hard to find time to review ds and algos.
    Jul 17 0


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