TC review for Austin

Google really2020
May 15 8 Comments

High growth start up. Offered TC 175k + 40k Equity + No 401k

Current TC in Bay Area- 250k


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Microsoft XyYh51
    You will live a better life even with less money in Austin....
    May 150
  • Cisco JUio06
    Not so true. The cost of housing is getting pretty rediculas, along with everything elese. I made the jump from austin to san jose... And total comp is much better in the bay. Total comp in bay is 300k. Base+ bonus and austin it was only 215k. That does not include my options
    May 152
    • ViaSat gheiena
      Really? It’s strange people try to compare the worst houses price in the Bay vs Austin most expensive house price and complain Austin house price is insane. You can find a really good house in Austin for 300k if you you are willing to drive 30min. You drive an hour in Bay Area to get a decent house but can’t do that in Austin?
      May 15
    • Cisco JUio06
      So i have my house out in temple paid. 250k for it, same house in round rock would cost me 600k. Main reason we moved to temple i still have my house. I now live in san jose near los gatos and pay 3600 a month for a 4 bedroom 3 bath with pool and pretty much doubled my salary and traffic well not bad 35 gets much worse
      May 15
  • Nvidia wagecuck
    Go to google Austin.
    May 151
  • ViaSat gheiena
    May 151
    • Google really2020
      10 year total. 2 year PM experience
      May 15

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