Taking care of health is a part-time job, if not full. Thoughts?

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This relates to my previous post about my stomach hurting no matter what I eat.

I was researching online and realized taking care of my health is at least a part-time job. There are so many things I take care of (eating veggies and fruits, working out, avoiding deep fried, brushing twice a day, avoiding carbonated drinks... the list goes on). Yet there are always certain things I miss/will miss. Example - even after spending time on my body everyday, I may not have taken good care of my eyes/hair, or may not have maintained a good posture while working, or the crunches/squats I do may be slowly hurting my back/knees, or I may not be drinking enough water.

There are literally so many things to take care of, how do you guys manage? Is there a list of things I can do to stay healthy and age peacefully?


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  • Microsoft sumie
    Most of these things are done through pure habit assimilation. You use time to make it a habit, after that you no longer have to consider it a job. Most of these things are done sort of in the background of your life, like posture and diet.
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  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Keep forming habits. Posture or anything else, if you repeat enough times becomes a habit you don't have to think about
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  • Microsoft sumie
    Usually a healthy person doesn't have to use that much time to make sure they keep on living without their bodies failing on them.
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    • OP
      I don't think I fall in that category naturally, so I gotta spend time on myself and am sure there are many others like me. Also, even a person who is healthy during younger years starts to feel his body slow down once in late 20s, second at 40, and third at 70.
      Jan 31
  • MathWorks CHop75
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  • You don’t have to do everything everyday. Beyond the essentials like face/eye cream and dental hygiene, just do one thing special a day and rotate throughout the week.
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  • Intel superrr
    You have to invest in yourself and still sometimes the body might still take time
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