Teammate's politics making the workplace shitty

Cummins EvOc34
Sep 12 9 Comments

I work in a great team, it's fun to work with and spend 7-8 hours of my life. However recently some issues have started coming up in the team and team dynamics are changing

So we are a team of 7 devs, one of them is a tableau dev (girl causing the problem) who has been assigned the task of doing the testing work. In our team everyone is full-stack so it is expected that everyone contributes to all areas like front-end, back-end, DB and DevOps.

1) She doesn't do any automated test cases (Our program is not so mature enough to make it mandatory for implementing automated testing)
2) She doesn't write any test cases
3) She takes lots of time to do manual testing (One day to test a file upload from UI to s3) and validate the data
4) Always complains that this doesn't work and writes an email cc'ing the manager this doesn't work etc

Our program recently retired tableau and I think there are no stories to work on for her and she is proving her existence by making some noise. I recently demoed a story which was in the test with automated testing to the Product owner and that's when things started to get worse and she started making loud noises.

I am personally fine with people not contributing anything, but I am not fine with people just causing roadblocks in my work and complaining.
Any advice appreciated on how to deal with this?
What should I do about this?
I could leave (with some leetcode prep) but the manager is great overall and there is still a lot to learn for me here.

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  • You shouldn't be fine with any team member not contributing - they will always cause trouble for others as a way to make themselves useful. The only role where this is a useful trait is management. When non - managers attempt to manage it causes legal issues. You need to raise this Co worker's lack of productivity to your manager's attention.
    Sep 12 2
    • Cummins EvOc34
      Thanks for the advice, my manager is easy going I think he wouldn't do much about it but I will give it a try
      Sep 12
    • That's fine, nothing you can do about manager's reaction - but you'll have done what you can about the under performing coworker. You'll likely feel better
      Sep 12
  • New / Strategy Porsche996
    Cummins pay that much for Indianapolis?
    Sep 12 3
    • Cummins EvOc34
      Yea, given COL it works out well
      Sep 12
    • New / Strategy Porsche996
      Yea. I'm surprised. How is the components? Base, Rsu or what?
      Sep 12
    • Cummins EvOc34
      Base 90, bonus 8%, espp, retirement savings, company match, fica taxes cover
      Sep 12
  • MeridianLink / Product XVrn30
    You can't care about what others do with their work day. You can draw the line at interfering with your work. Ask her to not do that or bring the impact to your manager. If you take it to management it better be significant or you will appear to be a whiner.
    Sep 12 0
  • Wayfair / Eng

    Wayfair Eng

    A new grad in a new city :)
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