Tech lead to eng manager - would you expect a raise?

Cisco vjbF75
Jan 10 3 Comments

I'll be moving from tech lead to eng manager pretty soon. Boss said not to expect a raise however, because it's a role change, not a promotion. What are your thoughts?

Also, if anyone is curious I'm currently G11 with 150k base, 15-20% perf, and roughly $100k rsu/year that will need refreshing next year


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Lyft / Eng Damn Son
    At many places an entry level Engineering Manager(EM0) and Senior Engineer(SD3) are both level 5 so a pay bump would not be expected. Different story if you went from SD2 to EM0 or SD3 to EM1.
    Jan 10 0
  • Google alumnius
    Be thankful you're not getting a pay cut.
    Jan 10 0
  • Plotly xBlf50
    I don't have much experience at the level of a tech lead, just starting in my career but I think it would definitely fair to expect some sort of raise given the greater responsibility (if the role has greater responsibility)
    Jan 10 0

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