Tell a thing you wish to learn from your peer?

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An example?


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  • Datometry / Eng LangEr
    I wish to learn a lot of things from my team. They are a wonderful bunch. Specifically, one of my coworkers has more than two decades of experience with our tech stack but he is relatively new to the product. It is fascinating to observe his approach to problem solving ; a step by step structured way of investigating issues, thinking of causes and effects. He often points me in the correct direction when I’m stuck. A great mentor and a humble human being. I wish to inculcate these qualities.
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  • New ktFx33
    Let’s say I’m doing a phone screen solving a problem. Aside from finding the solution and commutating well, what else can I do to impress? And lastly, what do you do if you’re completely blanking on the problem in order to recover?
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    • / Other
      t_t_ Other

      Ask follow-up questions at every step. You'll impress with your curiosity and preparedness.
      Feb 9
  • OP
    Update: I wish I could learn to be a little more and invest in socializing and networking from one of my peers.
    After all it's mostly about "who you know" now a days
    Feb 9 2
    • New ktFx33
      Make an effort to speak to 1 coworker a day even if it’s just a few minutes
      Feb 9
    • OP
      Thank you. But my question is to everyone what they want to learn.
      Feb 9
  • Google tsukino
    learn Leetcode from Petr Mitrichev
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  • Oracle fatalflaw
    How to impress bosses while being in a senior exec position which is not your primary source of income.
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