Cisco Day10
May 20 31 Comments

Anyone considering investing in Tesla ? How’s the motivation of engineering there ? $200 seems to be a good buy with 50% upside potential, IMHO. If you’re invested, are you holding it or planning to sell ? I am holding on to a $40k investment I had made a while back. Thoughts / opinions , Tesla folks ?


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  • Microsoft Teslanos
    Tesla is structurally unprofitable and they’ve ruined their brand by sacrificing build quality and service. They’ve also ruined their balance sheet from years of mismanagement and bailing out Musks other failed investment, Solar City. This is a zombie company that Musk is just extracting value from.
    May 20 17
    • Capital One desu’s mom
      Where did he bail out failing businesses?
      May 22
    • Tesla Tesla.
      Solar city...?
      May 22
    • Microsoft Teslanos
      May 22
    • Amazon silver_fox
      So he absorbed one renewable energy company into another renewable energy company. What am I missing here?
      May 23
    • Microsoft Teslanos
      Solar City was insolvent, almost bankrupt, and after he made SpaceX give short term loans to Solar City and they still couldn’t get solvent, Tesla bought them out at an outrageous valuation for an insolvent company. For a publicly traded company, this is a clear breach of fiduciary duty, and there are pending lawsuits on the matter.

      Solar City is currently being wound down into nothingness on the Tesla balance sheet, increasing the cost of capital for the automobile manufacturer. If you like Tesla at all, this should be outrageous. More on this subject was discussed on a recent Morgan Stanley investor call I will link to.

      May 23
  • Tesla Hdhaga
    Sold all my shares at 370$ before I got out of that god forsaken company. People thought I was an idiot for selling.. but after seeing all what I saw in their shitty manufacturing (very public information) I knew there is no successful way out for this company. Silicon Valley is ran by software engineers.. manufacturing engineering is a whole different beast. Everyone with basic manufacturing and design fundamentals knows this company is flawed.

    It’s true the bulk of their stock potential is based off their software and hardware tech (autopilot etc), however their cash flow (which will keep them afloat NOW to ensure successful execution of autopilot, FSD, energy, etc) is fundamentally dependent on the efficiency and execution for their manufacturing and supply chain processes which.. to put kindly, are horrendous.

    How do you become profitable when you have no profit margins from your manufacturing?

    How do you scale when people are jumping ship like hot cakes? Not to mention to super toxic and demoralizing work culture.

    Makes no sense!
    May 20 0
  • Tesla Hdhaga
    The Manufacturing problems tesla is facing is not a short term issue. They are multiplying these fundamental issues as they scale, hence the issues still persist (ie. Fremont, Giga and now China). It’s like dumping water into a leaking bucket. Waste of resources. A lot of ppl keep thinking you can have a quick turnaround from flawed manufacturing foundations, however the issue is right from conception of the lines, and design, and tight schedules and deadlines. Then you’re left with a lemon of a manufacturing process/supply chain that requires exponential resources to fix, which tesla does not have the luxury to afford.

    Prevention is a whole lot less costly than cure when it comes to manufacturing!

    Here’s my prediction: Tesla will burn out of cash before it can even see its ‘dreams’ to fruition. It’s it’s own worst enemy - not even considering competition.
    May 20 3
    • Cisco Day10
      Model 3 is profitable and they are easily meeting demand. Tesla’s Major investment is in engineering and autonomy. Do you know some glaring manufacturing issues that they must address, but not addressing ?
      May 20
    • Tesla Hdhaga
      Did you miss 2019Q1 financial report? M3 is not profitable and has sinking demands..
      May 20
    • Cloudera ಠ╭╮ಠ
      Meeting demand isn't great when one of the main issues is that demand is falling
      May 21
  • Amazon CiJN18
    I bought in a while back but ended up selling shortly after Elon’s 420 “joke”. I was only there because of FOMO. But I decided I didn’t want to risk losing my investment because the CEO can’t stop running his mouth.
    May 20 0
  • Microsoft tfsUEwWt
    loser stock
    May 20 0
  • Pandora oshoot
    I bought few this morning at $194 I know Tesla is burning cash and can only last 10 months with what they have in their bank now but I believe in Elon musk and he is capable of getting investments or bump up the stock price with probably just one tweet lol

    P.S I’m holding this for short term though
    May 20 0
  • Cisco Day10
    Musk does say that manufacturing is the hardest part. So, on his part there is acknowledgment. They are still the best electric car and probably the best car in the segment they are operating. I see manufacturing is a short term problem. If you believe autonomy is inevitable in next 5 to 10 years , there are companies like Tesla, Uber, Google and Lyft that will benefit the most . If Tesla is able to build Uber like platform they will be the only company that has end to end integrated presence. Producing car is more difficult than making uber like platform. Uber and waymo will find it difficult to produce mass market car. If you think holistically and long term Tesla is still well positioned. Thoughts?
    May 20 1
    • Lyft preipo
      I so wanna believe your vision... Buying my tesla 3 this week and hope the company can pull through this storm to make that robo taxi network haha
      May 20
  • Tesla / Eng Ma(u)skMan
    I love the products (yet I do not own one). Engineering teams are great. Company got big plans. Recently raised good funding. Company is rapidly trying to expand internationally especially China. Great potential of a buy out from biggies like Apple.

    But the bigger challenge is the fall in demand. Everything above works only when demand is increasing. This could be achieved by making the price more affordable. Company is doing right by trying this hard.

    Not a company to work for. Not a short term investment company. Long term, yes, the stock goes beyond $350 but every investment comes with a risk.
    May 22 0
  • Google gn
    There are better investment options to choose from. Dump $TSLA
    May 20 0
  • Microsoft Lpsolo
    You do know the next big support level is 185$ right? If it breaks that then it goes to 150$ level.

    Wait and see. Better late than sorry. So wait and see tomorrow if it hits 185 level and how strong the support is.

    FYI I bought at 260$ during 420 joke, and sold at 370$ after the Tesla 3 big earning. I am looking to come back since I do believe it will make 250$ again...
    May 20 0


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