Tesla employees, how do you feel about Rivian?

Apple zurbo
Feb 27 12 Comments

It seems exciting and promising. I think innovation is needed in this space and only drives everyone’s mission forward. Do you think Rivian can deliver?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Tesla / EngTesl@
    The are accomplishing things without grabbing lot of unwanted media attention, unlike other new electric car startups. I like it
    Feb 270
  • Tesla 4 L 0 M
    It looks great. I've been waiting for an electric truck.
    Feb 270
  • Tesla / Mgmt
    Red Ryder


    Red Rydermore
    The rising tide lifts all boats. 👌
    Feb 280
  • Tesla hlJM63
    Won't deliver what is promised time, price, efficiency..
    Feb 272
    • SpaceX uevh5
      Wait, we are talking about Rivian, not Tesla :)

      On the other hand... these headlights...made me gag a little.
      Feb 27
    • Microsoft naaam
      ^ 🤣🤣. And yes, headlights are strange
      Feb 27
  • Rivian MB2404
    Feels good to hear good things from Tesla folks.
    Mar 131
    • Tesla My Deer,
      are you guys hiring in the bay?
      Mar 13
  • Tesla rvt90
    Starting a car company is not as easy as a software startup. The success of Tesla has inspired a lot of these wannabes. But there's a reason Tesla is the first successful startup in 100 years. It's very hard to scale manufacturing let alone sales and service. Tesla is finding it hard even after selling more than half a million vehicles. In my opinion all the new ones will either fail ( Faraday future almost) or will get bought out by someone.
    Mar 30
  • Tesla MyDeer!
    Rivian and Nio are looking good
    Feb 280
  • Tesla CXRs86
    Want that truck so bad. I hope they can.
    Mar 50
  • Tesla / ManufacturingsgzP07
    I think they are in the right direction. They had picked up a lot of manufacturing engineers from Tesla Fremont during the 9% layoff last year (that may or may not be a good thing, lol)
    Feb 270

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