Tesla vs. Apple for Supply Chain

Shopify jEwi02
Jul 2 12 Comments

Are there any people here who can share some info about supply chain / logistics at Apple or Tesla? How are the teams and growth opportunities? Any tips for the interview process? Thanks in advance!


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  • Apple vcgh
    Apple for great work and good pay

    Tesla not heard good things, random layoffs
    Jul 2 1
    • Amazon / Eng Hauahfik
      Oh come on you guys are all retired on job over there
      Jul 2
  • Boeing Airbus
    Apple is still the king in supply chain
    Jul 2 2
    • Overstock.com dVtfn1
      I've seen other users say the same. What are the specific reasons?
      Jul 2
    • Boeing Airbus
      Efficient & effective and doesnt worship big data
      Jul 2
  • Tesla


    Tesla for if you want to help build and scale from nothing. Also constantly encouraged to try things nobody else has done before. Scope would be high in breadth, relatively less depth due to headcount reductions.

    Apple if you want to plug into a highly efficient well oiled machine and learn how things are done at scale. Not sure how quickly you can make impact, and scope would be more focused.
    Jul 2 0
  • Tesla pHqF86
    How do you get your foot in the door doing Supply Mgnt? I’ve been wanting to change careers.
    Jul 3 2
    • Apple pLMRDG
      What role do you have currently?
      Jul 3
    • Tesla pHqF86
      In General & Administration. I’m not an engineer
      Jul 8
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    • Apple


      Tesla Motors
      That’s now how this works bub
      Jul 3
  • Apple


    Intel, JDA Software
    Apple is huge and different supply chain functions are extremely silo’d. So it really depends on what function one is in. I am assuming when people are giving comments like “best supply chain” and “well oiled supply chain” for Apple, they are taking about Apple’s suppliers /procurement side of supply chain (assuming all tiers of suppliers). But then there are other sides of supply chain too like supply and demand which has a lot of room to improve and innovate.
    Jul 11 0
  • Tesla InmR60
    Tesla has more challenging work if you're in supply chain
    Jul 2 0


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