The Business of Middlemen

New / Eng Fun22Tango
May 11 5 Comments

Groupon,, Uber, Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Lyft, et al. What's their cut from the service provider, say a restaurant for the delivery service or the drivers and their cars, like? What's the cut from the Consumer like? What tricks at play to attract and keep both?


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  • Amazon fgEhzG
    If you could create a mesh network / block chain version of those businesses you could presumably wipe them out. Airbnb as well. Also Amazon really
    May 11 3
    • Microsoft
      Bill Zuck


      Bill Zuckmore
      Haha looks like you never built a highly scalable system.
      May 11
    • Microsoft unfanged
      Just do it on the blocking chains and it will scale infinitely
      May 11
    • Amazon fgEhzG
      Block chain doesn't scale to the level some of those systems do. It needs to be able to support 50k TPS or so.
      May 12
  • Microsoft unfanged
    Usually 10-30%.
    May 11 0