Tips for being a good mentor

Microsoft / Engsudо
Mar 7 9 Comments

I'm being assigned a mentee for the first time.

Any tips? What do you wish your mentor could do better or did really well? Or what worked well for you as a mentor?

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TOP 9 Comments
  • Let the mentee lead themselves into fire. Help pull them out of fire after they realize they are burning.
    Mar 74
    • New sparked
      Exactly what I would expect from toast.
      Mar 7
    • Cisco ABGslayer
      This made me lol, thanks :D
      Mar 7
    • Cadence / ProductBettyBabe
      What the?????
      Mar 7
    • Microsoft / Engsudо
      Yeah, and the final step is to let them put out the flame with their tears
      Mar 10
  • Dropbox dorpbox
    Actually be present. My mentor is too busy to help me out.
    Mar 81
    • Microsoft / Engsudо
      What kind of help would you expect from them?
      Mar 10
  • Facebook ae86tofu
    Listen, listen, and listen some more before you spew anything.
    Mar 80
  • Microsoft grescgs
    Give honest advice. Pretend you are the mentee.
    Mar 70

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