Tips for landing sde3 positions as sde2?

Google L5wannabe
Jun 24 3 Comments

Currently L4 SWE at google and am looking around.

Haven’t interviewed in a while. I’m good with leetcode stuff, but need pointers for system design and behavioral interviews at L5 level.

Any tips and/or resources that are useful?

My target companies are fb, uber, lyft, dropbox

Obligatory 270tc 5yoe


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TOP 3 Comments
  • VMware ItsAlrite
    When did you join? Did you get promo to L4 in these 5 years? If yes that will help.
    Jun 24 1
  • Alibaba vjqX22
    What about a L5 promotion? Do you think you can get it soon?

    L3-L4 = 2 years
    L4-L5 = 3 years + x?
    Jun 25 0


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