Transfer to full time > Verification of experience in resume for Apple.

Aug 10 2 Comments

My question today is about verification of experience.
Let's imagine I've got full time at Apple (I didn't, just curious).
So, I've heard that I would have to verify every company in my resume, that's actually could be a problem. Since for a long time I've been working as freelancer in different countries and I don't have any verification, beside invitations to get a project.
Other then that, I have some experience with company in different country, so no verification as well.
What you, guys, think?


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  • Apple nEWe13
    They were unable to verify my income from my side business when I joined. That was from an app in the App Store πŸ™„

    Someone override the background check and it was fine.
    Aug 11 0
  • Apple / Eng πŸ’codemonk
    I have never seen an independent contractor at Apple, so did you have a vendor?
    Aug 10 0


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