New AaYM85
Nov 16 9 Comments

Looking to join TripActions. I wanted to get current or ex-employees thoughts on the company direction and current company culture. Is the RnD / Engineering org bad and why?

Offer from TripActions: $190,000 (base) and 30K shares in equity.


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  • Google Devil
    TC Seems Low. What’s 401 k and bono ya policy ? Company stocks is valued high so max equity for you be worth only 60k. Are those 30k options or RSU
    Nov 16 7
    • Square / Eng WheresJack
      Are they 30k units in options, or options valued at 30k? What is the price per option & what is the strike price per
      Nov 16
    • New AaYM85
      30k units
      Nov 16
    • Square / Eng WheresJack
      You'll need to tell us the prices on the options in order to evaluate it. The market price and the strike price
      Nov 16
    • TripActions dDfK50
      Even at what the strike price was before last raise, that amount of options is insulting.
      Nov 16
    • New AaYM85
      What amount of options should I ask for? Can you provide some insight into the engineering org?
      Nov 16
  • T-Mobile


    looking for new opportunities...
    Any other offers from any other companies? There's a recent post on TA
    Nov 17 0


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