Turning Down Facebook Offer

Adobe bVhVjJD
Feb 14 11 Comments

Facebook made me an offer for lead network engineer at their new data center in Utah. They couldn’t make the offer good enough for me to justify a change, especially considering the WLB. I usually work about 40 hours, but they made it obvious overtime would be expected.

$105k ($51/hr) + overtime
$55k RSU’s over 4 years
10% annual bonus

They didn’t want to make me an IC5, and said the base couldn’t change.

This is less money than I make. I’m not disclosing current TC since I’m too identifiable if any coworkers found this post.

I know someone else who got turned down for this position, and said they wouldn’t have accepted the offer either.

I’m curious to know if they’ll be able to get someone past their interviews who will accept an offer like this.


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Facebook BaldEagle
    If you're an IC4 you're not a Lead.
    Feb 14 3
    • Yep

      Full timers can claim overtime as well?
      I would have been a millionaire at Amazon if they allowed that.
      Feb 14
    • Adobe bVhVjJD
      They said it would become the lead role. Not sure how it works with IC4 being the first engineer on-site. Perhaps they were trying to sell me on the role.
      Feb 14
    • Adobe bVhVjJD
      Also, once promoted to IC5, it’s no-longer overtime eligible.
      Feb 14
  • A10 Networks / Eng

    A10 Networks Eng

    F5 Networks, Oracle, Vertafore
    I yam who I yam - Popeye
    There’s plenty of folks that will try out for it. Cost of living has to be less in Utah, right?
    Feb 14 1
    • Adobe bVhVjJD
      The pay to cost of living is decent, but I don’t k ow anyone with the qualifications they’re looking for who isn’t already making more than this.
      Feb 14
  • Microsoft JSYW47
    That RSU is disappointingly low
    Feb 14 0
  • Yelp RSKJ38
    every job description says “lead” or “senior” now a days 🤣 they want people to do more work and have a fancy title, but for less $&
    Feb 15 0
  • New DvVM00
    105k + overtime? is utah unionized or something? how did you get a tech job at FB that pays overtime.
    Feb 15 1
    • Adobe bVhVjJD
      Standard for IC4 network engineers in their data centers apparently.
      Feb 15
  • eBay Jokerd
    IS FB lowballing RSUs recently despite what is average for that particular level?
    Feb 14 0