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FireEye / Designratkid
Jul 27, 2018 8 Comments

Have you guys ever had to do some sort of "Design Challenge" for a UX Design position? Are they actually useful for the employer?


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  • Google / Design


    Yes. Tend to be required for FANG. They should not be work that the company can reuse for their gain but a small project/task that can demonstrate your skill set/design ability.

    They are useful in weeding out bad designers, yes. I've seen some bad submissions.
    Jul 27, 20182
    • FireEye / Designratkid
      Oh okay! Just wanted to make sure now that I am back in the job market.
      Thanks for the response, I appreciate it!
      Jul 27, 2018
    • 100% agree. We do it for every designer and find the truely good ones
      Jul 27, 2018
  • Amazon / DesignPopcorn 🍿
    They’re most useful if the candidate knows what’s being evaluated and has the right context and enough available information to demonstrate a full and thoughtful process.

    Some key things I look for:

    - Did the candidate set expectations?
    - Did the candidate ask questions to better understand the ask?
    - How did the candidate arrive at their solution?
    - Did the candidate clearly communicate the solution using engaging narrative?
    Jul 27, 20180
  • Google Milk Steak
    This person details the design interview process at several large companies. "Interview process for different companies (Design)"
    Jul 27, 20180
  • New / DesigncV5a0W
    I've done it for G and some start-ups. Kinda prefer the FB approach of doing product critiques. Although on sites should always have a challenge.
    Jul 27, 20180
  • eBay sircarrot
    As long as the challenge isn’t redesigning their own product
    Nov 1, 20180
  • Salesforce JWcS75
    I’ve seen people get offers by refusing to do a whiteboard challenge. They’ll say that they’re not going to start drawing shit without understanding the full context and market and tech constraints and users, and will instead ask a lot of questions about that. That’s close to what I did with Amazon and I spent two happy years there.

    But the Google design challenge is important to their process. You’ll get questioned about it in each 1:1. I think it’s worthwhile and effective.
    May 150

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