Uber Lyft Senior Dev Stock Value

Microsoft jeef4
May 12 5 Comments

If you are a senior developer in uber or Lyft what's your unvested shares worth now? And When you joined the company?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • New / Eng |l|l||l|l|
    Around 700k but I joined less than a year ago
    May 12 2
    • Microsoft jeef4
      Wow that's huge
      May 12
    • New / Eng |l|l||l|l|
      Right now it's about 600k
      May 13
  • GrubHub grubby
    Is it all stock options? Or some RSUs?
    May 12 0
  • Facebook oh yea
    It is worth zero until the lockup expires for better or for worse
    May 12 0