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Lyft NLsf06
Mar 9 13 Comments

Currently in process of interviewing for a role in Uber’s NYC office. Can anyone provide a description of the office? The information I can find online is a little sparse. Thanks.


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  • Two Sigma zxcasdq
    Isn’t it by time square and walking distance from Penn station and port authority? What makes that bad for commuting to or a dump?
    Mar 94
    • Microsoft Freestyle
      They have 3 locations, 2 are serious dumps (Bronx and Long Island City), the other is by 28th and 11th. I personally think that area is a dump, but others may disagree
      Mar 9
    • Microsoft Freestyle
      It has been a while since I looked it looks like the 28th street office is closed now. Now it looks like the head office is the center of the taxi fleet headquarters in Long Island city... which is a bad commute from most places and the area is a dead zone for tech
      Mar 9
    • Facebook The mang
      I have no idea what y’all are talking about. The eng office was like 38th only 3 blocks from train station
      Mar 9
    • Uber $lido
      The new office is 1400 broadway, blocks from TS and Penn Station. Long Island city office is for drivers and customer svc.
      Mar 11
  • Uber dFVE06
    The Eng office address is 1400 Broadway, other offices are for ops. We have Uber Eats Restaurant Team, Data solutions team and Observability teams currently. They have plans for bringing FinTech team here in few months. The office is nice.
    Mar 100
  • DigitalOcean f7H.opls🎌
    There is a businessinsider article about the NYC office.

    Which role are you interviewing for?
    Mar 93
    • Lyft NLsf06
      Software Eng

      The posts here say that the office on 28th is closed which is the office featured in that article. Anyone know if that’s true?
      Mar 9
    • Facebook The mang
      Yes real office is in midtown. Like 37th,38th and Broadway
      Mar 9
    • Uber dneb
      It’s 38th and broadway for eng.
      Mar 9
  • GrubHub / Eng


    Office is very cramped and crowded with desks. It almost looks temporary. I was told the other floor is nicer but I kind of doubt it.
    Mar 90
  • Microsoft Freestyle
    Seems like they made a bunch of office changes the last 2-3 years, sorry for the confusion, no idea what the 38th street one is like
    Mar 90
  • Microsoft Freestyle
    The area is a dump and a horrible place to commute to esp in winter, I’m sure the office is nice.
    Mar 90

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