Uber phone screen interview

Cognizant dexter07
Mar 30 8 Comments

I have my Uber phone screen interview in 9 days. Fortunately,I ll be working from home until my interview date. Given I solved around 50 leetcode questions so far, I am planning to program as many questions as I can.

Which areas(data structures and algorithms) should I focus on to pick up right set of questions given this one week time.

Any pointers would help me significantly. Thank you guys..

Role - Cloud Security Engineer


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Nvidia monolith
    Uber is hiring people from Cognizant? Their hiring bar is surely going down.
    Mar 30 6
    • Nvidia monolith
      Because it is cognizant, thats why.
      Mar 30
    • New arch135
      U cannot say all cognizant employees are mediocres .. !! .. there are good engineers everywhere!
      Mar 30
    • Nvidia monolith
      The problem is not whether they are good or bad engineers, the problem is with the servile attitude they work with and the servile attitude they bring in. I have worked with such contractors before and I have seen how they poison the general aura of the team with this “overworking” attitude when it is totally not required.
      Having said that, this has been my experience and hence I am extremely bitter towards Indian sweat shop employees, but I would also like to think that not ALL are like that. I hope many many more, after they come to the US, realize that this attitude is corrosive and ditch it.
      Mar 30
    • New arch135
      Yea I know that . Most Indians start their work in such companies . I came via such a company 7 years back . In 1-2 years many realize and change their working style ..
      Mar 30
    • Intel / Eng GAku06
      +1 there are good engineers everywhere. Adding to this, there are also bad engineers everywhere. OP or anyone can clear any bar by putting in the work.
      Mar 30
  • Uber jdhfhcn
    I think as with other companies the questions vary at least for the phone screen.
    I would try to solve a few of all just to have the concepts and syntax on hand, medium completely is ok I would say, and if you have time work on some maps and graphs from what I have seen, we tend to have those problems in mind.
    Good luck
    Mar 30 0