Uber self driving car safety update

Salesforce sirbskx
Nov 19 4 Comments

NPR just ran a story that stated Uber has increased their car safety after they killed a pedestrian last year.

I can just picture the code now:

public void main(){
//private double safetyRating = 0.3;
private double safetyRating = 0.7;


In all seriousness, what have you guys done to restore public confidence in self driving car safety? All I ever hear is bad things


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Twitch Poggerino
    Everyone in Silicon Valley is vastly overselling the intelligence of “AI”.

    Single-celled organisms are smarter than “self-driving” cars.
    Nov 19 0
  • Uber dgsg
    Public void main(){
    private boolean atg_mode = false;
    double_private_secret boolean waymo_mode = true;
    print("safe mode activated");
    Nov 20 0
  • Microsoft panamap
    Uber copied all of its self driving code - they forgot to uncomment the safety code
    Nov 19 0
  • Uber rTjq20
    Tongue in cheek, much less than Salesforce. ATG is just another bleak spot for Uber.
    Nov 19 0


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