Unemployment benefits

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Jan 10 11 Comments

My friend was recently laid off from a tech company. She did get severance pay based on number of years she was with the company (about 10 yrs). She is looking for a job but so far has got none. Can she still claim unemployment benefits from state? I read that severance pay is not considered as wages in California so theoretically she can but not sure. Any info? Please advise. Thx.


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  • Apple / Eng Apple Park
    “Asking for a friend...”
    Jan 10 3
    • Apple HTWn35
      If she lost her job she wont have company email to validate blind login
      Jan 10
    • Intuit Ann-wi
      Yes she was with yahoo/oath for 10 yrs.
      Jan 11
    • Intel GWGA84
      @HTWn35 not true. Once you're on blind, doesn't matter if you're not at that company anymore.
      Jan 11
  • Veritas / Strategy xWfa06
    Is intuit laying off people?
    Jan 11 1
    • Intuit Ann-wi
      Not that I know off. But they do regular cleansing as all 😀
      Jan 11
  • Severance and unemployment are two different things. Assuming she is green card or citizen, she can. Not sure about h1
    Jan 10 1
    • Intuit Ann-wi
      She is US citizen
      Jan 11
  • To my knowledge, unemployment benefits cannot be waived by a settlement or severance agreement. So long as your friend meets the criteria for unemployment benefits, she can apply for them. The three initial requirements to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits are are based on immigrant status, past earnings, most importantly no-fault separation. See here: https://www.crosnerlegal.com/legal-guide/unemployment-benefits/
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    The unemployment website will ask about severance and take that into account, she should file weekly until she get another job.
    Jan 27 0
  • RackWare Dreamlight
    Was this at Intuit?
    Jan 11 0