Unemployment benefits

Intuit Ann-wi
Jan 10

My friend was recently laid off from a tech company. She did get severance pay based on number of years she was with the company (about 10 yrs). She is looking for a job but so far has got none. Can she still claim unemployment benefits from state? I read that severance pay is not considered as wages in California so theoretically she can but not sure. Any info? Please advise. Thx.


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  • Apple Apple Park
    “Asking for a friend...”
    Jan 103
    • Apple HTWn35
      If she lost her job she wont have company email to validate blind login
      Jan 10
    • Intuit Ann-wi
      Yes she was with yahoo/oath for 10 yrs.
      Jan 11
    • Intel GWGA84
      @HTWn35 not true. Once you're on blind, doesn't matter if you're not at that company anymore.
      Jan 11
  • Veritas xWfa06
    Is intuit laying off people?
    Jan 111
    • Intuit Ann-wi
      Not that I know off. But they do regular cleansing as all 😀
      Jan 11
  • Severance and unemployment are two different things. Assuming she is green card or citizen, she can. Not sure about h1
    Jan 101
    • Intuit Ann-wi
      She is US citizen
      Jan 11
  • General Motors mt_253
    The unemployment website will ask about severance and take that into account, she should file weekly until she get another job.
    Jan 270
  • RackWare Dreamlight
    Was this at Intuit?
    Jan 110

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