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Microsoft zelda9
Dec 3, 2018 4 Comments

1) System Design: probably my biggest blind spot. I have years of experience and confident in designing scalable systems. But the open ended nature of the interview worries me.
- Is there any resource to prep for System Design (leetcode style)
- Typically interviewers are looking to hear a few specific things when they ask a system design Q. What are some of the techniques to extract that info out of the interviewers?

2) Coding: Yes I know very well about leetcode and solving several problems a day. But is there good resources in one place to learn common techniques? Leetcode almost feels like the exercise section when a lesson finishes :-)

3) Also what do FB interviewers prioritize more between accuracy/bug free in different corner condition, robust algorithm, speed of solving etc


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  • Apple / Eng cho Chang
    1. https://github.com/donnemartin/system-design-primer
    Try the practice problems here
    Dec 3, 2018 0
  • Microsoft zelda9
    LoL @ parch... 380k\12YoE
    Dec 3, 2018 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Northrop Grumman
    The most important part of a sys design interview is "just do it" -- just dove in, lead the convo and act like you know what you're talking about. If you don't know, it doesn't matter because you're not expected to! Show leadership skills here.
    Dec 3, 2018 0
  • Microsoft / Eng codeGuy
    Buy the “Grokking design interview” course it worth. Also see videos in u tube under channel named “Success in Tech” for coding solving leet code is not enough make sure to submit your solution on leet code and the submission is accepted. For $13 you can get mobile subscription that will enable you to filter problems by company.
    Dec 3, 2018 0


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