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Videographer based out of Lancaster, PA.
May 28

Looking for a position that can offer a great TC, allows me to work in the gaming sphere, and challenges me daily. Simple as that. My current company (education tech company) is amazing in respect, systems, and overall mission but I’m looking to leave to grow into a greater role with a better TC for my future. I’m a young video content creator who has worked for companies like Red Bull esports and a myriad of high level universities creating video content. I also have an understanding of current YouTube trends and able to take any subject and blow it up on YouTube. I currently consult in my free time with smaller businesses on their video productions and teach how to ascertain an ROI in any video they make; if their strategy is rock solid. My experience branches out into marketing a decent amount and it’s where I’ve found a lot of traction in my freelance work, helping brands grow within their niche.

6 years of experience in video and marketing strategies.
Freelance and Corporate experience.

Would love any referrals towards any video producing positions open. It would be greatly appreciated.


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