Visa,Amex and Master?

Lyft ezwJ84
May 8 18 Comments

What’s it like at Visa, Amex and Master? Is it better or worse than banks? Are you guys all equals? Or is there a hierarchy? Since visa’s in California would think that work and culture is better? Am I right?


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  • American Express inktomi
    I've found Amex to be pretty chill. We used to be all contractors in tech but that's changing and most teams are employees now. They treat people well, good work life balance. Options to work remote on some teams.
    May 82
    • New wrqR15
      your systems seem like they're 20 years old though!
      I still use my cancelled AMEX platinum to get into lounges though lol
      May 10
    • American Express inktomi
      In a lot of ways they are. We're trying 😆
      May 10
  • Visa vehrkfk
    The lack of good strong technical leadership is missing in most team at Visa. Wlb is great and I agree that it's a good retirement place but not ideal for someone looking for some mentoring . If though we have some really good use cases to work on, the lack of strong technical direction hurts the company
    May 91
    • Capital One xTrb96
      This is a problem across a lot of financial corporations. Lots of old school leadership trying to adapt to tech and doing a poor job at it. Overall it really depends on the organization you end up in.
      May 9
  • Visa visaboys
    If you’re late in your career I think it could be good, stable job good benefits good WLB. Starting up at these companies maybe not as good not too much to learn, not too tech savvy like to have contractors do most work which is weird.
    May 90
  • This place is literally a shit hole
    May 90
  • New NcEf26
    Amex is like 80% H1B, pays really low, avoid at all costs if you aren’t Indian. Though some engineers are making decent money.
    May 82
    • American Express blueboxer2
      You are wrong. As a non-indian I can tell you that Indians hold.all the cards. Most directors and vps are Indians and they only help their people grow.
      May 9
    • Barclays PLC sscL38
      They are not doing any more H1B for your information
      May 9
  • Visa 4001001
    wlb seems consistently good here but quality of engineering culture may vary between teams, not sure. we use modern technologies on mine but dev practices are sort of disorganized.
    May 81
    • American Express inktomi
      I agree re culture and the quality of teams being different throughout the org. Amex is working on this.
      May 8
  • American Express D.BCooper
    Good wlb, bonuses aren't bad, 6 month leave for a child ( co worker got 9).

    Tech stacks are terrible though.
    May 80
  • Visa CHILLTF
    WLB at Visa is great, if you DON'T want to grow and DON'T care about your work.
    May 130
  • Union Bank wwyeezydo
    Amex is pretty good. Really enjoyed my time there. I think they pay slightly under market but the wlb and benefits are pretty strong IMO. how come discover didn’t make the list? Had a friend who made the switch from American Express to Discover and never looked back.
    May 100
  • Goldman Sachs hustle247
    So no one from Mastercard?
    I believe it is the best of the lot considering their amazing CEO, what a leader!
    May 90
  • PayPal 168to669
    PayPal.... pfttt omg sorry I couldn't say that with a straight face
    May 90
  • EY HMum56
    Amex 100000000%
    May 90

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