Walmart uses VR to pick middle managers

Apple JxmTvY
Jul 1 7 Comments


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  • Cox Automotive Fake-name
    Do they make them do that chant / cheer / whatever it is called in VR as part of the evaluation?
    Jul 2 1
    • / Eng impeach19
      Lmao probably
      Jul 2
  • loreee
    Its Mark lore. He wants everything on vr 😂
    Jul 1 1
    • BqcQ58
      Jul 2
  • rand.randm
    This is a media show off. I am not sure when we will focus on things that will give us competitive edge. We had acquired a VR startup a while back not sure what happened with it.
    Jul 2 1
  • Nike qBVZR0
    Interesting to see how tech can be incorporated into the HR process. Not sure how this VR tool can calculate culture fit though.
    Jul 1 0