WeWork - Applied Research Group - Written offer rescind

NIO YiVb47
Jul 16 16 Comments

Interviewed @ WeWork Applied research group placed out of Palo Alto, CA.
Overall interview process was very smooth. They did a good job to quickly schedule phone screen and onsite to accommodate my expiring competing offer and second follow-up phone conversation for a detailed technical screen (one of the core guys was OOO when I had my onsite).

Team really liked me and extends an offer and after a week of offer negotiation we finally agree upon the final numbers and the recruiter confirms that written offer will be sent once they get an approval from CTO since it’s an out of band approval. Received the offer letter via docusign for me to sign with 5 days expiration period. On the day of the expiration I get an email (around 1.30PM)singed by the Chief legal officer telling they have decided to rescind the offer since business needs have changed. In the mean while I have rejected my competing offer since it was about to expire and I had the written offer from wework which obviously looked much better. With disbelief I called the senior manager of recruiting to fathom what the F**k just happened. He is like, we just realized the scope of the role has been much smaller than what we anticipated and we may not be able to get enough data for you to play and build models, blah, blah …. and hence doesn’t make sense for this role anymore. Seriously, their business needs changed in last 96 hours after extending a written offer to a candidate, albeit they had almost a week to get CTO’s approval for this offer and didn’t cross their mind that you are screwing up with someone career during the offer approval. I can’t believe these construction company morons don’t even have the simple courtesy and professionalism to evaluate the role and candidacy before extending an offer. I have to let go of my other offer because of their incompetency. Don’t waste time on this company, no wonder they are losing $200K/hour.


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  • Airbnb 💯💯!
    Wework have always been known to be a shitty place to work at. You dodged a bullet!
    Jul 16 0
  • Amazon KkVg11
    Rejecting competing offer before accepting desired offer is always risky
    Jul 16 0
  • Groupon thepoint
    Go back to your previous offer asap, they may still be valid.
    Jul 17 0
  • Uber bobaboi
    Jul 17 0
  • Intel Marx24
    Write a damning review on Glassdoor and LinkedIn. I see a lot of conversation happening between recruiters about best practices on these two forums.
    Jul 16 0
  • Amazon CeoExtra
    Blacklist them. This is the only way you can revert back to them.

    BTW, congratz! You dodged a bullet 😺
    Jul 16 0
  • New mPOT57
    WeWork is a terrible company with terrible ethics. It pretends to be “good,” but discriminates against those with disabilities.
    Jul 17 1
    • WeWork nORw58
      Terrible ethics sure but I've never seen one iota of disabilities discrimination. And I have seen tons of time and money poured into accommodating disabilities of all sorts
      Jul 18
  • Microsoft / Eng dogberg
    They're gearing up for a recession?
    Jul 16 0
  • Trimble dwightBeet
    Ask the previous company if they can extend the offer back. In most cases the recruiters do that as it is difficult to fill positions.
    Jul 17 1
    • Trimble dwightBeet
      Also WeWork is a terrible company. Be glad
      Jul 17
  • Amazon tnd
    What was the offer like?
    Jul 16 1
    • NIO YiVb47
      For whatever it was worth:
      Base $310K
      RSU 6000(3 years)
      Sign-on $50K
      Aug 9
  • Google / R&D

    Google R&D

    Google, WeWork
    Op, dm’d you
    Jul 18 0
  • Oath LxSY42
    Always be on the lookout for race conditions. First accept an offer, then reject other offers. Sounds lime what happened was wildly unlikely, but learn from it and move forward with the understanding that these things are never as certain as you would hope.
    Jul 17 0
  • Google jhgb
    Not that it matters but did you already sign offer? Sounded like you rejected competing offer without signing WeWork for 4 days
    Jul 17 0


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