Wells Fargo Analytical Consultant vs Quant Analy. Consultant?

TD vsQv28
Nov 6 13 Comments

What’s the difference between the two jobs? I have an interview for Analytical Consultant 5 they said base is around $125K in Charlotte. A differnr recruiter from Wells wants to interview me for Quant Analytics Consultant 1 and he didn’t tell me the salary, so no clue what to expect.

What are the main differences between the two in term of job tracks and pay?


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  • Wells Fargo Bigilaee
    You are in better place. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM WELLSFARGO for your better career and future opportunities.
    Nov 6 5
    • Wells Fargo GPVl47
      Could you give some context regarding why Wells Fargo is an awful place?
      Nov 7
    • Wells Fargo qqOM18
      Management is clueless and the name brand has taken a beating. If you like to be silo'd to a specific skillset, come work for wells. But if you want to be more involved in a lot of different things, stay away
      Nov 7
    • Wells Fargo LIwn61
      I agree stay away from Wells Fargo
      Nov 7
    • Wells Fargo mthuth
      I have been at wells for almost 5 years and had 4 different jobs plus a promotion in the same time. Management is clueless most of the time and is very reactive instead of proactive, but as far as being silo'd I dont see it
      Nov 7
    • Wells Fargo MissLady
      Like the others have stated, stay away from Wells Fargo if you want to be in a place that promotes growth. I have been here for not a full year yet, and I am already looking for the door.

      From what I have witnessed I noticed a lot of managers who are clueless and only care about their reputation run on "Fear Based" management and manipulation, which works on older complacent employees to keep them in line.

      I wanted to build a career here and really believed that WF was really striving to change the toxic environment/culture, but after seeing first hand how toothless HR is, I no longer have faith in WF. I just hope the new CEO clears house, because there are so many toxic people in this organization.
      Nov 19
  • Wells Fargo krHX44
    The Quantitative Analytics appears to be more lucrative. Bonus % higher at its lowest level than the level 5 analytic consultant. Base pay higher. Shoot for the quantitative role.
    Nov 7 0
  • Wells Fargo visionfund
    Great company , sound client outreach , broken tech org. Stay away if you are being hired in technology
    Nov 7 1
    • Wells Fargo Bigilaee
      Don’t give false hope to someone when you yourself know the shitty culture!
      Nov 7
  • Bank of America / Data corpguy5
    Just switched to WF and I would recommend staying. It’s very unorganized and even more political than boa...
    Nov 21 0
  • Wells Fargo / Strategy

    Wells Fargo Strategy

    Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley
    What’s the responsibilities for quant role
    Nov 12 0
  • Wells Fargo tNNl30
    Take Quant - better pay for short and long term. FWIF, I am a quant and have a way larger comp than any analytics level.
    Nov 7 0
  • Wells Fargo mthuth
    If I remember right quant is a higher payer grade by a significant amount, with a 2 and 3 level that can bring base to around 180k. Analytic consultant 5 is as high as you go without manager route.
    Nov 7 0


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