What am I doing wrong?

Capital One farnital11
May 15 12 Comments

Hey C1 fam! I’m so confused! I’ve been applying up and out of my department and it’s decline after decline! My previous manager is confused why I’m still sitting in a chair behind a desk as am I! I can’t seem to get a single damn interview! Not sure what’s going on!


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  • Capital One zbRw61
    It’s all about who you know. Unfortunately, being good is not good enough.
    May 16 0
  • Capital One cat
    What have your cross cal results been? Unfortunately if you get stacked at the bottom even once your C1 career goes to shit. Also are you networking with those managers as well before you apply to their team? Grabbing coffee and kissing ass? We’re so political here that just a bit of sucking up goes a long way.
    May 17 1
    • Capital One farnital11
      I’ve unfortunately noticed that as well...it’s sad that’s the way we have to act to be promoted....not for the work we put in everyday
      May 18
  • Bloomberg aJRs40
    Maybe try not ending every sentence with an exclamation mark! People might write back this way! It makes you look bad at language!
    May 16 1
    • Capital One farnital11
      Or try not being a dick...I’m a college grad
      May 16
  • Lyft ztni32
    May 15 1
    • PayPal v3nm0
      Hi. I'm desperate.

      Can I get a referral at Lyft, please? 😅

      I'm a hard-working team player who's going to work his butt off on leetcode next month or two. Have lead new initiatives in my current role and have been top rated in my performance reviews so far, every year.

      OP, Apologize for hijacking the thread.
      May 16
  • Capital One 502
    Reach out to hiring manager and recruiter before you apply. Sometimes it's a old req or they have extended offer already.
    May 16 0
  • Leave!
    May 15 2
    • Capital One farnital11
      I’m thinking about it at this point! Everyone around me (even those who work A LOT LESS) are being promoted up and it’s crazy to me!
      May 15
    • Yeah, sometimes you just need a fresh start.
      May 15
  • American Express ptAa57
    Ask for feedback from the teams/hiring managers that are declining your application?
    May 16 0

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