What are the learning resources available in your company

Adobe hmm1234
Mar 29 2 Comments

In adobe, safari online learning is free. There are reimbursement for college tuition (acquired while working) , book club( free technical books)and a professional development funds for reimbursement for books and conference expenses. How are the other companies with respect to this.


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  • Walmart.com fiVn5$!Br
    Free Udemy and Pluralsight courses. College degree for $365/year. Various in person technical training.
    Mar 29 0
  • Daimler kamkudy69
    Free LinkedIn learning subscription, but it's not really good. I wish we had Udacity. We also have reimbursement for select university courses upon manager approval and if applicable to your job

    Book club sounds good, I wish we had free technical books as well
    Mar 29 0