What do you guys think about the new Mac Pro

Cisco b7B59h
Jun 4 9 Comments


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  • Netflix nflxos
    People who claim it’s overpriced are either clueless or haters. It is silly to compare this to consumer hardware, price-wise (you don’t need Xeon and extra PCIX? Good for you - but this machine is for people who need them). Also, this is the most powerful hardware that runs macOS. For people who need it.

    This is a great machine, but is probably too late - Apple pushed too many customers away with their software policies (Final Cut update, Aperture discontinuation)
    Jun 4 2
    • Intel tu_madre
      Dat massive 256GB SSD tho
      Jun 4
    • Netflix nflxos
      Probably some server grade SSD with ridiculous warranty and such.
      Jun 4
  • Google / R&D screwdriver
    Cheater than Cisco routers
    Jun 4 0
  • Amazon PT Cruiser
    “The new Mac Pro is launching this fall with a starting price of $5,999. That’s with a spec vastly below its maxed out exciting new features: you get 32GB of memory, an octa-core Intel Xeon CPU, Radeon Pro 580X graphics, and a 256GB SSD.”

    256 GB SSD? wtf, SSD prices have plummeted now.. a 256 is literally worth $20
    Jun 4 1
    • Netflix nflxos
      Shitty consumer SSDs are cheap, yes. What else is new?
      Jun 4
  • Intel LvOT55
    Money grab
    Jun 4 0
  • Facebook bl@ckmamba
    The most Apple thing ever
    Jun 4 0
  • Oracle / Data bendy
    Shops who use editing software like after effects, maya etc

    Would appreciate it because they were still on the old one.

    In the cloud world you just provision a big beefy vm and shut it down once they don’t need it.

    Studios will even drop a 1k on that stand as well
    Jun 4 0