What does work life balance mean to you?

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Mar 10 16 Comments

Frequently see bad WLB as a topic here, what does it mean to you in quantitative terms? Hours per week/demanding bosses/schedule pressures, write something freeform.


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  • How much time you spend doing stuff you like vs. how much time you spend doing stuff you don’t like.
    Mar 100
  • SAP


    I climb the stairs every morning. The elevator is for Democrats!
    Autonomy to live my life how I think is best. At work, but also with family and kids.

    Need to see a customer? Go.

    Work my behind off over Thanksgiving, but know there will be an almost empty stretch end of next month? Perfectly fine.

    Need to be with the kiddos at 11 AM in a Tuesday? Just do it.

    In the office? Great!

    Remote from a different country, cause the parents are getting old? You got it.

    Autonomy. The employee benefit to think like a business man.
    Mar 101
    • New New •
      This. Flexibility to manage my time and work. No working weekends or evenings, unless I am compensating for an extended time off I took. No artificially created aggressive deadlines.
      Mar 10
  • United Wholesale Mortgage

    United Wholesale Mortgage

    General Motors
    It means no “clocking in”. No saying “lunch doesn’t count”. Work from home is not only optional, it’s preferred. Give me all the tools to do my job from anywhere. Don’t create artificial deadlines. I’m not going to work on the weekend unless I can take a long weekend. My vacation is encouraged and never have any time where I feel like it’s a “blackout date”. If I work on projects, my project is what matters, not my time.
    Mar 100
  • Microsoft / Engsudо
    When I don't have to worry if I didn't reply to a Saturday's work email.
    Mar 100
  • Amazon / Creative403
    I never check my email after Friday, until the Monday morning. I'd say that qualifies as good WLB.
    Mar 100
  • Amazon


    WLB to me is my time staying my time. Only occasional email and chime in the evenings and weekends. No fake deadlines taking over my time.
    Mar 100
  • Microsoft sniffles
    WLB means seeing my kids longer than the 30 minutes I spend putting them to bed everyday before I jump back on the phone.

    WLB means not working on my vacation at all.

    WLB means having time to exercise and take care of myself too.
    Mar 110
  • Amazon


    I think for me it’s about mutual respect between me and my employer that I will put in my maximum effort at work while they keep in mind that I have a life outside of work that’s just as important. It’s the employer’s willingness to work with me to ensure that I’m as productive as I can be which includes not having to worry about taking vacations or a day off for a sick family member and such things.
    Mar 100
  • Bank of America aiminghigh
    WLB for me means being able to back off to a 9-5 and take whatever time I need to when I want. Doesn’t mean I get growth doing this, but that when I get close to burnout I can back off.
    Mar 100
  • Amazon away.throw
    “It’s not a balance, it’s a circle”. Thanks Jeff.

    This one’s hard, because I like working, to the point of it being unhealthy.

    Generally it means:
    - no arbitrary deadlines that exist just to get you your bonus
    - I can dispense with FOMO and leave work at work...if I so choose.
    - I can take vacations 1 week+ without checking email and I get zero side eye.
    - I can flex time if needed for family obligations
    - I can go to the bathroom at any time if needed (sounds dumb, but can be a genuine issue)
    - I don’t have to account for my time in 6 minute increments for billable hours.
    Mar 100
  • Google


    semi-flexible hours, reasonable expectations, most evenings and weekends off
    Mar 100
  • Facebook / DesignXXX porno
    It means a 9 to 5 job, except when on call
    Mar 101
    • Yahoo / Eng


      This ^
      Mar 10
  • Expedia epxe
    Couldn't able to spend quality time with family,
    Working more than what u r paid for
    - bad WLB.
    Mar 110
  • Tesla / EngmrDonald
    WLB = how much time you have to spend money you make at work, by this I mean vacation, for example.
    Mar 100

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