What if Microsoft bought android instead of Google

New gEEv46
Jun 25 7 Comments

How do you think present scenario of smart phones have changed? Would it have generated as much money as it doing is now? Would Microsoft have ruined it?


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  • LinkedIn pSkU11
    RIP general knowledge 🙏
    Jun 25 0
  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    At the time MS was trying to turn everything to an Office product
    Jun 25 2
    • Netflix netube
      I always find this fascinating that experienced leaders would do something like that, a lot of poor decisions had been made which we all laugh at when we look back.
      Jun 25
    • Apple I45dw9df
      We were laughing about it back then too. MS made a LOT of bad moves between 1995 and 2010. It would be hysterical if MS wasn’t such a bohemoth back then and held the industry back with their practices.
      Jun 25
  • Microsoft yesterda
    Android would at time be forced to run on Windows kernel - RIP then
    Jun 25 0
  • Microsoft MSFTBRO
    Get ready for Bing default search engine!
    Jun 25 0
  • Google kJPj07
    Uh well Microsoft did, it was called Danger at that time, and it yielded Kin which failed...so...
    Jun 25 0


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