What if employer puts a deadline on h1b transfer

Amazon HAzq58
Jan 8 3 Comments

Under the h1b pp suspension situation, there is risk for joining on receipt. But employer seems to not able to wait indefinitely. What if they put a tight deadline for the offer not long after 2/19, beyond which the offer would be withdrawn. When do you think this deadline is reasonable?

Tried to look up 2017 h1b transfer pp suspension and resuming timeline, but didn’t find concrete information. If anyone has the knowledge, please share.
+ another factor is pp takes 15 calendar days. If the results will only be know by the end of the 15-day period, it would be early March.

TC, no big difference. But better career opportunity and likely visibility, better wlb and shorter commute.


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  • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
    Too much of a hypothetical question since this is totally a company/team policy based thing.
    I've heard about companies waiting patiently for even 6 months..but it totally depends upon how well you did in your interview, company policy, team needs, etc., etc.
    Jan 8 0
  • Amazon eapG18
    Two things: 1. This is likely something that you can not control. If you aren’t able to make the move, or feel there is too much risk, or can’t get the flexibility you need, well, that sucks. But it leads to—> 2. Keep looking for the right role for you, even if you have the offer. The next company/team you interview with may be more flexible.
    Jan 8 0
  • Amazon lvd11
    Call their bluff
    Jan 8 0

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