What is compensation for staff data scientist? (LinkedIn)

New BrAF43
Jun 23 3 Comments

I am about to start a senior data science role at LinkedIn. I looked up a few profiles and it looks like the promotion time is 1.5-2.5 years to get up to staff data scientist.

What does comp look like at that level? I'm guessing around 190-220 base, 300-330 RSU.


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  • Intuit dhmg6l
    People here always ask for TC, which is not relevant in a lot of cases. But in this case, we’ll need to know your TC. Plus, you haven’t even started your job, why worry about the TC of next level?
    Jun 23 1
    • New BrAF43
      I'm asking about the TC band at staff. Mine is ~250 for senior.
      Jun 23
  • LinkedIn boringdude
    Lol at asking for next level TC without even starting st current level.

    I’d say total 350 TC. That’s the minimum for staff SWE , not sure if data scientists are paid lower.
    Jun 23 0


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