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What is wrong with Google, Gmail, and Facebook marketplace?

Mar 13

Ok so yesterday Gmail account had problems attaching files and downloading. Facebook marketplace is so buggy. It freezes. I have a Google pixel 3XL. I have all the apps updated and antivirus in use.


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  • Salesforce hypeforce
    Perhaps they should start hiring people with practical skills instead of leeterati
    Mar 130
  • Microsoft shared_ptr
    I see the problem! Get an iPhone, I don’t have any of those issues. Don’t need an antivirus for iPhone.
    Mar 132
    • OP
      Couldn't agree more. But also I had an iPhone 6 for 2 years and its battery life sucks so does its performance (super slow).
      Mar 13
    • Microsoft shazaaaam
      iPhone XS is pretty good
      Mar 13
  • New


    Your Pixel was secretly uploading your "private" vids and selfies to google.
    Mar 131
    • OP
      Sounds good to me because I have none.
      Mar 13
  • Oracle now@google
    Google was down the other day, facebook was down yesterday. You need a bigger phone!
    Mar 141
    • OP
      Can't believe you IT guys believe in bigger the better lmao
      Mar 14

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