What skillsets are necessary to land a job in high paying financial/hedge fund firms?

Amazon OPjI42
Mar 27 12 Comments

C, C++, real time system, distributed systems, specialized network protocol?
What's special about their interview questions?


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  • VMware Flambeau
    Leetcode. Because they know that if you have the discipline and motivation to do leetcode, you’ll learn all the things you’ve listed to be successful on the job.
    Mar 27 2
    • Facebook 2Blind4U
      This is a joke, right?
      Mar 27
    • Bloomberg ISlayer
      Unfortunately it’s not
      Mar 27
  • Two Sigma pci bus
    Leetcode only can only land to some of financial jobs (not most)
    Mar 27 5
    • Amazon OPjI42
      Please advise other skills
      Mar 27
    • Two Sigma pci bus
      Different subfield may look into different skill sets. Which subfield May are you considering ?
      Mar 27
    • Amazon OPjI42
      Haha, I'm totally a lay man. I don't even know the fields. I am just contacted by recruiters about real time bidding. Could you share some fields and required skils.?
      Mar 27
    • Two Sigma blarh
      Can confirm leetcode
      Mar 27
    • Two Sigma nots
      Agree, leetcode is pretty good. Having experience getting shit done a bonus but only if leetcode is good enough for them to ask you about your background.
      Mar 27
  • BlackRock xis
    Its the same as any tech firm. Just more responsibilities and a little to lot of firefighting.
    Mar 27 0
  • Chase DaimeJimon
    it is all about leetcode
    Mar 27 0
  • Google


    low-latency optimizations at the kernel and hardware level
    Mar 28 0