What will be your last thought?

Bank of America blacKnight
Jan 11 14 Comments

We all know we all going to die someday ... exactly between any day between Monday to Sunday...

Let’s say you are on your deathbed and you know you have very few moments left...What is that you will regret for and what is that you be happy for ?

One request: if you realize it and felt not to share it’s ok... but share with him/her(your parents, partners, friends...)


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TOP 14 Comments
  • FactSet / Eng

    FactSet Eng

    Bridgewater Associates
    Should’ve cashed out those bitcoins
    Jan 11 1
    • Bank of America blacKnight
      Then do the needful now 😂
      Jan 11
  • Microsoft tingtang
    Thankfully the day has come. Let’s get this over with.
    Jan 11 0
  • Google nXzp52
    I will probably feel touched at having known my friends and family, & how special this experience was. I may regret not always seeing life for the gift that it is - every moment is so special and yet it is hard to always see/experience the magic
    Jan 11 0
  • New DuQvV7x
    They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dist...
    Jan 11 0
  • Cloudflare / Eng myimouto
    "its been a good couple billion years eh"
    Jan 11 0
  • Micro Focus / Eng brotein
    I should have spent more time leetcoding to increase my TC
    Jan 11 0
  • Nvidia monolith
    Should have tapped that booty.
    Jan 11 0
  • Oracle Elly's son
    did not try weed...?
    Jan 11 0
  • US Navy / IT Boonaki
    "Watch this..."
    Jan 11 0
  • Apple Snut Ella
    Jan 11 0
  • Clover Health / Eng doenfh
    "I had a feeling this would happen..."
    Jan 11 0
  • Amazon BezosBitch
    Jan 11 0
  • Salesforce lozere
    Verify that all my dependents (emotional and financial) are taken care of. Once that's done, meditate and keep a good state of mind.
    Jan 11 0

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