What would it take for companies to give feedback?

Walmart.com / Eng review
Mar 7 14 Comments

I gave many onsite interviews over the past two months. The only really useful feedback I have gotten is from Lyft. They told me that you just missed the mark in your first round which involved some mathematical problems. Very good feedback!

Then comes Amazon, Twitter (only phone), Google, Apple, Uber. Absolutely no actionable feedback. At least tell me the scores, or how many hires/no hires.

A common answer I have heard is companies avoid feedback to not get into legal troubles. What if I am ready to sign something that says I will not sue the company for discrimination (or put any other legal term here) during
The interview process. After all, I am not here for that! Also, I sign that big NDA anyway without reading. Add two more paragraphs to that! I should get something in return when I invest 2 months in your company, either an offer or feedback.


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  • Intel ₩&₩
    100% agree. Have done similar breadth and scope and # of interviews over months and for how much you invest in the process, some actionable feedback should be required. Stupid process. I do believe the "legal concern" is the reason they all state and I think it's a garbage cop out.
    Mar 7 1
    • Walmart.com / Eng review
      Seriously... how would recruiters feel if we just email them saying I have decided to skip onsite an hour before after all flights and hotels have been booked. They won’t think twice before blacklisting us.
      Mar 7
  • Autodesk thunderr
    That's the way the cookie crumbles my friend. These big companies are not going to take the risk however small it may be. Also it takes time and resources to provide you with feedback. Why would any company be incentivized to give you that for free especially after they've rejected you?
    Mar 7 1
    • Walmart.com / Eng review
      I believe the recruiters already have feedback. Because some recruiters do share it over the phone. Regarding the risk part, I am sure their lawyers are good enough to prepare an ironclad document that will protect them from any litigation.
      Mar 7
  • Capital One da2de2se
    You have the power to use the same bullshit argument to not provide your reason for rejecting an offer. Recruiters always push you for feedback as to why you won’t accept the offer, and this is your payback chance. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself over this. Keep studying, keep trying... and the day you get multiple offers, give them a taste of their own medicine.
    Mar 7 1
    • Walmart.com / Eng review
      Well... not feeling sorry, this was not a rant in case it felt like that. Nowadays companies are doing a lot to improve interview process for candidates... I feel giving feedback will be nice.
      Mar 7
  • One of my start up ideas was to build a third party which interfaces and manages candidate interview experience.

    Candidates could see the feedback at a very high level. This takes the risk out of the companies and transfers to us which I think is okay for whatever we charge companies.
    Mar 7 3
    • Walmart.com / Eng review
      If the sole reason of not providing feedback is litigation, this could work... but if companies do not care about providing feedback then nothing can improve this process.
      Mar 7
    • Everyone is going to write notes anyway. This tool should just summarize feedback so that it's actionable for candidates
      Mar 7
    • Walmart.com / Eng review
      Good... you should see if there is traction for this idea
      Mar 7
  • Intuit / Eng

    Intuit Eng

    Cisco, Verizon, Oracle
    By not giving feedback they can reject you for any reason including age, sex, look, views, ethnicity, color, university, grade, ...
    Mar 10 1
    • Intel / Eng

      Intel Eng

      Mar 12
  • American Express / Eng wuali
    Once you start getting feedback, you'll wonder why you can't appeal if you see any blatant errors. Say, if the feedback is that your knowledge of X is poor but you never even discussed X in the interviews.
    Even if you don't sue, as long as interviews are an imperfect process, companies have an incentive not to share feedback.
    Mar 16 0
  • Uber dneb
    Use mock interview resources such as pramp and interviewing io. Not as good as real feedback but best you have.
    Mar 7 0


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