What's going on in China?

Google / Enggamala
Feb 9 9 Comments

Are these rumors about some kind of social points for loan eligibility etc, system true? How does it work?


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TOP 9 Comments
  • New hktk51
    Riddle me this. How does someone from Google lack the ability to Google questions like these
    Feb 91
    • Google / Enggamala
      I want to hear directly from the ground
      Feb 10
  • New / Engsparked
    It’s similar to your credit score in the US only it has more factors that contribute to it and it is in the public domain so all of your friends/family/neighbors/etc have access to it
    Feb 91
    • BYTON Dof
      Nope, a low credit score in US doesn’t stop u from traveling such as buying plane tickets. Also you won’t get a lower credit score if you actively critiqued politicians. The major differences goes on and on.
      Feb 9
  • Google masteratbs
    Of course its true
    Feb 90
  • Apple hMWF54
    We have it here, it is called credit score
    Feb 91
    • New dluz61
      Well, it's not quite the same thing
      Feb 9
  • BYTON Dof
    If everybody saying it’s true, then it’s true.
    Feb 90
  • Intel movaxbx
    Feb 90

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