What's wrong with this startup, it's not clear enough whom to hire and when to hire?

New bhaav
Jun 4 6 Comments

I have been interviewing with a start up and it's being a while. The final onsite was done in mid February and after that they are simply not making their decision on my candidacy. They asked me to bring another offer from a different company at one point. I I did that too(it was obvious, I would have done that without their ask, but they asking me was weird !). Last week, they asked me again for another onsite and it goes great too and now they said we got good feedback from almost all those people who talked with you, but they have other candidates they haven't finished interviews yet, so they don't want to rush to conclusion.
This is their message from last 4 months written/spoken in different forms from their different employees.

What's this reply? Can anyone here interpret what they need?

Shall I interpret that I am not a strong candidate for that position and they are feeling dicey about hiring me?

I have another offer which is quite compelling and they are more interested than this one. Shall I chuck this off completely and just move forward with the other. The above response from the startup was after I presented the counter offer to them.
-Hiring is screwed! Especially with startups!


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  • Amazon ilzt07
    chuck it off. It’s summer time. Take some vacation and maybe they will be awaiting for you upon your return. Then you can tell them to f*ck off
    Jun 4 0
  • Uber lock_up
    My guess is that you didn’t do all that well in the interview and they’re on the fence on the decision to hire you. So they want some validation from other companies that they want to hire you as well. Stay away from the company. If they can’t make a decision whether they want to hire someone after an interview, you shouldn’t work there
    Jun 4 1
    • New bhaav
      Hey, I just received the email from the HM, they are asking me the would it be possible to join them as a contractor to start with(will be transferred to fulltime based on the performance). What you think about this company?
      Jun 6
  • Apple fudjd
    Why are you so desperate..is the hiring manager so hot?
    Jun 4 1
    • New bhaav
      Haha, I am not so desperate. I just wanted to know the reason behind such actions. Such kind of attitude is very unprofessional to me, so I wanted to share with other blinders and know there opinions. I have decided to move with the other actually.
      Jun 4
  • Target kgzots35
    Startups are CRAZY unstable and really bad at basic things, like hiring. I would take a HARD PASS unless you’re really wanting to suffer through childhood with this company.
    Jun 4 0