When does Bloomberg do their budget plan(head count peak) for next year?

New zombo
Jun 25 4 Comments

I posted before and got answers for Apple(Sep) ,Amazon (June to Oct) and Google(Oct). But I really want to know when does BB do their budget plan. Anyone can help out? Thabk you!


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  • Oath Atinlay2
    Why does it matter?
    Jun 25 3
    • New zombo
      I noticed that people who got picked during budget plan period have significant more chances to pass the interview and get offers since the head count is at maximum. Then at the end , if head counts are not filled, they open up again. But that's much harder to predict than the beginning
      Jun 25
    • Bloomberg / Eng idFR43
      We hire throughout the year, we're not looking to just fill seats. We'd rather go through rounds hiring nobody than hiring people who aren't right (At least that's what I've been told, and that's what I've stuck to when evaluating candidates).

      As in: don't compare two candidates to each other debating who is better. If they're really good send them both through. If anyone is questionable at all it's a "no".
      Jun 26
    • New zombo
      Thank you for sharing idFR43. This clarifies a lot of things to me
      Jun 27


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