When the level number is defined on the Microsoft hiring process?

Amazon jsudbdnk
Feb 10 5 Comments

I got contacted by a recruiter in Microsoft (principal engineer). She asked me about my expected compensation (good Microsoft!) My question is, when the level of a specific role is defined? (65, 66, 67 for example) it's up front? Based on the interview performance? Can I ask this to the recruiter before starting the loop?

Is this based on the interview performance?


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  • Amazon jsudbdnk
    L6. Promoted 2017 Q1 (3 years in the company)
    Feb 10 1
  • Alibaba


    Why should anyone put a bio on blind? Who is your product guy?
    L6 normally maps to 63 or 64, and if you have only 3 years of experience then most likely 63
    Feb 10 0
  • Capital One kdtn
    It is determined after onsite.
    Feb 10 0
  • Capital One kdtn
    What is your yoe and level at Amazon?
    Feb 10 0