Where to live in or near SF?

Amazon vbsjq8q
Jul 11 19 Comments

Work is at Sunnyvale.
Want to stay in SF so that I can participate in events, clubbing and sports.


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  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    AMD, EY
    San Jose has decent party scene. Goof city vibe. SF is cess pool.
    Jul 11 5
    • Amazon vbsjq8q
      Been here for a while. Only oldies stay in San Jose
      Jul 11
    • Twitter popcorn🍿
      Man Jose is a sausage fest.
      Jul 11
    • Google / Data noobler
      Wouldn’t recommend SJ if he wants to party. Maybe somewhere around Palo Alto
      Jul 11
    • Intel gifkapa
      Lol, Palo Alto for partying. Bay Area sucks.
      Jul 11
    • Google / Data noobler
      No I meant Palo Alto would be between work and party (SF)
      Jul 11
  • Microsoft 🦍Ape
    Bernal and mission has easy access to get out of the city but isn’t as central. It’s a good compromise imo.

    Russian hill, pac heights, nob hill, Hayes valley are beautiful, expensive and central to the city. You may struggle to get out of the city for Sunnyvale. (4 hour shuttle commute) if you live in these central spots make sure you’re north of post at least. It’s sketchy even at post. If you must live on post get more west into lower pac heights/Fillmore.

    Marina is amazing but in the north most part of the city. Terrible for commuting even worse than the central spots.

    Mission bay/soma has cal train access but is ugly and not as good of shuttle rides.

    Anywhere else will NOT have shuttles and if you’re company does not have shuttles you pretty much have to live near the cal train unless you want to leave/arrive at odd times. 7am-3pm or something

    I did that commute (sf to Sunnyvale daily for 2 years) AMA
    Jul 11 2
    • Google 3lineguy
      Why are mission Bay and Soma bad for shuttle?
      Jul 11
    • Microsoft 🦍Ape
      Most companies have less shuttles to those places than to van ness and mission, really depends on the company. Typically the soma shuttles do that miserable stop in San Mateo too which another person mentioned in this thread. I doubt mission bay has its own shuttle at any company also.
      Jul 13
  • Apple / Eng Marijuana
    Near SF: san bruno, daly city

    In SF: potrero, mission, bernal, noe (near 101), twin peaks, sunset (near 280).

    If your commute is by a company shuttle, then within 10 min walk of the shuttle stop.
    Jul 11 7
    • Microsoft 🦍Ape
      You think that’s a good commute? 2 hours each way? There is no shuttle access there.
      Jul 11
    • Microsoft 🦍Ape
      Your advice is the worst of everything, not in sf not in the South Bay either so they’ll commute and not be in sf. San Bruno and Daly City are NOT sf. Besides Daly City is easily the worst weather in the entire Bay Area.
      Jul 11
    • Apple / Eng Marijuana
      Daly City is literally a 15 minute Uber back from most SF nightlife.

      I assure you it is not a 2-hour commute. I literally take the 280 shuttle daily from SF. Eastmoor to De Anza is under an hour.

      Also depending on the company, shuttles do stop at daly city and san bruno near the bart stations.
      Jul 11
    • Microsoft 🦍Ape
      Depends on the time you leave, also consider they are going to Sunnyvale. 15 minute uber ride is not being in sf. What’s even the point. Besides that Daly City is depressing and terrible with the fog.
      Jul 11
    • Microsoft 🦍Ape
      Also that shuttle is totally inconvenient. It stops at some parking lot.
      Jul 11
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      Correct username
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