Which Apple commercial you like the most?

Amazon alcoholic
Feb 3 6 Comments

Throwing bunch of commercials. Add the ones I missed.



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  • Facebook cynical.ly
    I like 1984 ad. That is super relevant to Apple. Apple and its cult has the whole rewriting history thing going.

    This may show my age, but as long as Macs were using PowerPC, Apple boys used to chant the praises of RISC. And one day, God gets on stage announced that Macs will ship with Intel processors and suddenly that was the best thing to happen ever. Nobody remembered how bad CISC was till the day before.

    Similarly, large phones were ugly and unwieldy. 4in was just the right width for everyone. Till iPhone 6 came out, of course.

    There are likely more parallels, but these are what came to mind immediately.
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  • Apple notbirb
    Misunderstood is #1
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  • Apple gdej45
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  • Amazon alcoholic
    According to me Think Different is the best commercial of all time. I always wonder how come an ad which doesn't even talk about product becomes this famous.
    Truly the ad agency and Steve were very creative.
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  • Uber himu00
    Wow I didn’t know anyone actually liked pc guy vs mac guy.
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  • Intel WaferIt
    MacBook Air commercial with Sara barrieles song “new soul”
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