Which financial institutions pay the most?

Capital One svXPze
Apr 8 11 Comments

I currently makes 120K with 5 years of experience...Is this normal? I'm in Plano, Texas.


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  • Two Sigma oreo yum
    If by normal you mean if we took one sample from the distribution of incomes, is it possible we would draw $120K, then yes. If by normal you mean do you make the median income for the USA, then no, you make a lot more. If by normal you mean you’re in Texas and want to know how that affects things, I prefer to think of you as different or special just the way you are instead of thinking you are not normal.
    Apr 8 0
  • CVS Health Yoho
    Did you just join Blind?
    Apr 8 0
  • Lockheed Martin / Eng iEkO37
    Seems decent for DFW. I'm at around 98k with just around 2yoe.
    Apr 8 1
    • Northern Trust aspdotnet
      Hey same here. Is that your base or tc? What's your location?
      Apr 8
  • Kaiser Permanente pagz54
    What role? If it’s not SWE role, it’s fine. If you do anything with software development, likely on the lower, although you likely make more than most in Plano.
    Apr 8 0
  • Bloomberg / Other QUIZSlayer
    If you wanna stay coding it'll be quant funds
    Otherwise in finance it's IB, prop trading and portfolio management
    Apr 8 4
    • Amazon plantvege
      what about pay at bloomberg?
      May 24
    • Bloomberg / Other FISTSlayer
      It's very good but nothing is comparable to quant hedge funds - I've met 21 year olds making close to 500k
      May 24
    • Amazon plantvege
      yes but how many ppl from BBG can get into hedge fund?
      May 25
    • Bloomberg / Other FISTSlayer
      According to LinkedIn - a lot
      May 25
  • Wells Fargo / Finance

    Wells Fargo Finance

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Experienced financial analyst with data analysis skills using SAS, SQL, excel
    That’s pretty damn good for Texas.
    Apr 11 0