Which gender(s) do you identity as?

Google A7F
Jun 17 29 Comments

poll for regular readers of this topic (Women in Tech)



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  • Amazon Not trying
    This pesky thing called science still stipulates there are 2 genders, but hey, who cares right?
    Jun 17 13
    • Amazon Not trying
      Intersex is a natural abnormality, just like some people having 6 toes. Transgender people, on the other hand, have gender dysphoria, which is s psychological disorder and needs to be treated.
      Jun 20
    • Apple jjdht!:
      I don’t know man. That’s a really weird thing to say. You orientation is just a degree not black or white. Even straight dude like different types of woman, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are impaired in any way. Why can we extend the degree system to sexual orientation as well?
      Jun 20
    • Amazon Not trying
      Not sure I understand your argument since we're not talking about sexual orientation here.
      Jun 20
    • Apple jjdht!:
      It’s an example of a degree system people can relate to. It’s not that hard
      Jun 20
    • Amazon / Eng eztP64
      Gender dysphoria should absolutely be treated. Oftentimes via transitioning to the biological sex that matches the gender you identify as.
      Jun 23
  • I identify as an attack helicopter.
    Jun 17 3
    • Booking.com
      HTTP 418


      HTTP 418more
      Jun 17
    • Amazon Not trying
      Not just any helicopter - an attack helicopter! Be respectful!
      Jun 17
    • Adobe / Eng lemontea
      Lol. I currently identify as a sloth trying to escape a forest fire.
      Jun 17
  • Amazon Not trying
    I'm glad people seem to understand how pathetic this "choose your own gender today" trend is
    Jun 17 0
  • Adidas coisna
    I identify as a faang
    Jun 17 0
  • Apple


    I’m a man but on Friday nights at the club when ladies get in free.. I do the gender switch!
    Jun 17 0
  • Indeed NTln46
    I identify as a unicorn
    Jun 17 0
  • T-Mobile / IT aSPt24
    I bet there's going up be a huge non-response bias on this one...
    Jun 17 1
    • Google A7F
      Why biased? It's anonymous.
      Jun 17
  • New iiiuuuu
    Jun 17 0
  • Braze / Strategy

    Braze Strategy

    Campaign Monitor, MailChimp
    I don't identify with any gender. Gender is a social construct. Sex is real and the basis of women's oppression.
    Jun 25 1
    • Microsoft Minkle
      You must be fun at parties
      Jul 1
  • Apple / Eng VGqx42
    I identify as an iPhone
    Jun 17 0
  • Amazon / Eng moocha
    FYI for the uninitiated:
    Gender is based on the body you are born with, the gender you identify yourself with and the gender you are attracted to.
    Permutation of this constitute of some 40+ genders.
    It was news to me when I first heard it
    Jun 17 0