Who's the foo in the Carrera GT on the northbound US 101? A mechanic driving his customer's car?

Microsoft UMbR31
Dec 22, 2018

Flipping off any BMW on the road, driving like a total ahole and causing at least 4 near misses in 2 miles! Took the industrial way on San Carlos, so I'm guessing it's a car at a mechanic shop...

Very un-carreraGT-owner'like behavior...


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  • Symantec O (1)
    Probably that foo was headed to a bar
    Dec 22, 20181
    • Pinterest / Engcmprrs007
      Where he was going to get his baz on?
      Dec 22, 2018
  • Microsoft ivanka
    Maybe he just had sex
    Jan 50
  • Verizon iCUPee
    Who’s the foo that would buy such a POS?
    Dec 22, 20180

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